Welcome to my Bengals Page !!!

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I've been a Bengals fan for many years. I've only recently been fortunate enough to get season tickets. I started my first year as a season ticket holder in the first year of Paul Brown Stadium, the year 2000.

I've created this site mostly to host my pics of the Bengals. Hope you enjoy!\

My batteries were shot when I got to the opening night MONDAY NIGHT game agasint the Patriots... there is only a short video from that game...

The weather sucked this year, more rain on football days then ever so there are less pictures of 2007... plus it took me forever to post between being depressed about the loosing and my computer crapping out on me... hoepfully 2008 will be much better!!!

lslmustang (Linda)

If want want to chat? Head to Go-Bengals forum for lots of good discussion.

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